- Dr. Sergey D. (Canada)

I have been very happy with the services I received. I had all the guidance I needed on collecting information and documents for my application. All the application forms were carefully reviewed and corrected by the firm, with attention to every detail. The process worked very well for me and I received an immigrant visa within one year from the time the application was submitted.

- Miss Shana Willie (New Zealand)

The staff was wonderful and very professional in handling all queries and concerns which may develop. They kept me informed about important dates and information, which I would normally overlook. Thank you to all staff members in helping me achieve a speedy process with the consulate.

- Mr. Rick Rowden (Canada)

We were turned down for entry to Canada when we tried on our own but with the help of Nova Scotia to figure out the immigration proceedure I'm returning to Canada for the first time in 5 years with my Costa Rican wife and our 2 children.

- Rob Michal (USA)

From my experience going through the green card process with my previous employer using another firm, it was literally night and day. Maged Rost was both professional and detail-orientated, letting me know the hurdles through every step of the process. Any queries that I may have had were responded to quickly and promptly. Having someone you can trust to navigate through all of the requirements is key.

- Chauncey (Aus)

A friend of ours referred us to Nova Scotia because of his excellent experience with the firm. From the first meeting we had together, they showed their professionalism and made us feel as if our case was important. In June of 2007, they helped us obtain the necessary visa that allowed us to get married that summer. We were truly blessed and we highly recommend this firm to anyone who is struggling with the immigration process.

- Vladimir (Aus)

I greatly appreciate the hard work and high level of professionalism demonstrated by Maged Rost attorneys through all steps of my application in the difficult green card category for aliens with extraordinary ability. I am very grateful to Maged Rost for my attorney's continuous legal and human support and care both during and subsequent to the approval of the case. Maged Rost did a remarkable job!